Eric Reiter

Eric REITER (INRAE Researcher, Deputy Director)


Research Director at INRAE since 2006, Deputy Director of UMR PRC since 2018
Tel:+33 2 47 42 77 83
PhD, 1996 University of Liège, Belgium, laboratory of Prof. G. Hennen
Qualification to supervise Ph.D. theses (HDR), 2002, Tours University, France.
Visiting scientist 2003-2005, Duke, Durham, USA, laboratory of Prof. RJ. Lefkowitz


My research work is focused on understanding G protein-coupled receptor signaling, in particular their role in the control of reproduction.
To this end, I am interested in modelling approaches of signaling networks, characterizing biased ligands and developing antibody fragments capable of selectively modulating gonadal GPCRs.

#Compartmentalized signaling
#Translation and plasticity
#Multi-scale modeling
#Signaling Bias


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