Juliette Gourdon

Juliette GOURDON

Juliette Gourdon

PhD student since 2021
Mail: juliette.gourdon@inrae.fr
2021 PhD student, BIOS team (director: Frédéric JEAN-ALPHONSE and Eric REITER)
2021 Master 2 Biology-Health, course Biology of Reproduction - mention Très Bien University of Tours (FRANCE)
2020 Master 1 Molecular and Cellular Biology - mention Bien, Sorbonne University, Pierre et Marie Curie site (UPMC, FRANCE)


My work within the BIOS team focuses on deciphering the spatiotemporal dynamics of traffic and gonadotropic receptor signaling (RLH / CG and RFSH), as well as the consequences of these dynamics on reproductive function.
To better understand the molecular mechanisms governing these phenomena, I develop and study the effect on signaling of antibody fragments in nanobodies (VHH) format, alongside endogenous hormones.
This approach aims to correlate signaling mechanisms at the cellular level with the activity of the gonads, and to modulate this activity in vivo.

#Compartmentalized signaling


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