Maya Haj Hassan


Postdoctoral fellow since September 2021
Postdoctoral fellow in the BIOS group at INRAE since September 2021
Teaching and Research (ATER) at the University of Tours/INRAE 2020-2021
Associate professor at the Lebanese University and Lebanese International University 2012-2021
PhD at the University of Tours/INRA ‘Characterization of bovine proteins potentially implicated in Reproduction: GPA2, GPB5, PDI, PEBP and Ubiquitin ‘ 2008-2011

I have a solid background in molecular and cell biology, cell culture and biochemistry of proteins. My main research interests are the setup of the hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal (HPA) axis in different species, the structure-function relationships of gonadotropins and their mechanisms of signaling.

#Signaling Bias


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