Pauline Raynaud



Post-doctoral fellow
2017 : After a six-month internship in Virology, at Alios Biopharma (part of the Janssen pharmaceutical companies of J&J) in South San Francisco, USA, I obtained my Master of Science in Biological Engineering from Polytech Marseille (formerly ESIL)
2017-2018: I worked at the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research (NIBR) in Basel, Switzerland on two main projects in cancerology and protein engineering.
2018 : I joined the BIOS team at INRAe as a research officer, and began working on antibody fragments against glycoprotein hormones GPCRs (FSHR, TSHR)
2019-2023 : I started a PhD consisting in the selection of intra-cellular antibody fragments to explore the relationship between conformatinon and activity of the FSH receptor wthin the BIOS team

My research consists in the selection of antibody fragments binding the intra-cellular side of the FSHR, in order to “freeze” the receptor in an active conformation, and explore the effect on the main signaling pathways.

#Signaling bias


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